Tips for Summer

Drink Water
1.Drinking Water Enough :-
 Drink and drink water as much as possible.It will keep you hydrated which is most important in summer that drains your water away and makes you dry.Water of 5 litres will suffice your body .Drink water after your emergent extracting in  urinal.It will be better if you drink saline water.When you sweats ,you lose salt in your body.So it must be compensated.

2:-Foot: :-
Foot is one of the most important organ in a human body.It keeps you moving.But if your legs lose energies,you will not be able to put your power to go forward.It is said to wear sandal in summer when shoes can increase your perspiration.Shoes make you sweated .So try to avoid shocks in summer.Try to avoid shoes in summer.Before going to bed water your feet.

3.Cleanse yourself :-
Summer is a season of skin disease.In this time ,diseases like eczema,fungal infection etc attack normally.So cleanse your body regularly to keep your body safe from skin diseases.It is better to bathe at least twice a day in summer as you must be sweated for your day-duty in the afternoon.Cleanse it properly.Life-buoy or dettol is better option to bathe or clear your body.

4.Toning and Moisturizing :- 
For getting your skin toned up,you need to wash your face at regular interval.You need to  paste mixture of cucumber juice and watermelon juice in definite proportion on your face.Keep it for sometime.Then wash it with fresh water.You can apply rose water on the face to refresh your face and  looking it glassy.

5.Yoga :-
Yoga is remedial for making you look refreshed and moody.It will keep you immune.But you have to the right way to practise it .At least 5 exercises a day is the best to face the challenge.You must take some varieties in your items to make your body fully immune.