Lips Care in Summer

Take Care Of Your Lips

Do you know what is SPF.It is sun protection factor.We usually wear sunglasses but do not take care of our lips in summer in West Bengal.We should have taken care of our lips because these are also very soft part of our body.Lip does not contain melanin that protects our skin from various attacks.

UltraViolet Ray mixed with the daylight of the Sun is dangerous for our skin.We know it is the cancer prone light that damages our skin and help form cancer in our skin.We wear shirts,pants,sarees etc to cover ourselves and these help us protect to keep ultra violet light aloof from the touch of our bodies.Thus our skins are saved.We wear glasses to protect our eyes.

It is found that male gets the risk of cancer more than a woman.It is also found that the lower lip is more cancer-prone than the upper one just beacause it catches the sunlight directly.Thus beware of your lips.
But what in case of our lips.It is bare to the scorching light of sun that contains contaminated ultra-violet ray which causes cancer.So from now on take care of your lip from the sunlight in summer.Take lip balm or lip gloss at least of  35 SPF.You should take it when you are going out.It should be taken well.

You are told to peel out your dead skins from the lips using the mixture of olive oil and sugar.You are advised to take boroline or anykind of good healthy balm to soften the dryness of your skin on lip.Then use the mixture of olive oil and sugar in the morning and get it free.You should take balm or gel iat night and wash the lip in the morning using the mixture mentioned above or fresh water carefully.You can use bee-wax to soften your lip and make its healthy.You can also use ghee on the lips to make it soft and healthy and to protect from the scorching heat of summer.Besides there are thousan of good lipgloss available in the market ,buy one and use it.If you are facing trouble ,visit a dermatologist or a skin-specialist.


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