Fruits in Summer

Watermelon is rich in Vitamin A and C.Your eyes will not be dried up in the chocking thirsty dry season of Summer.It also contains Lycopene which saves your skin against the burning sun.The nutrious water in watermelon is apt for fulfilling your thirst.

Mango is a good source of  vitamin A and C, and it has beta-carotene which protects body from getting cancer .It contains potassium in sufficient amount.It is really a juicy fruit with juicy look.It may be of yellow color,it may be of green colour.But the inner part does not depend on the outer part.A green mango may be a ripe mango.

Guava: -
Guava is not only a replacement but a better replacement for an apple.It is in proverb,"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." So the conversion,"A guava a day keeps the doctor away."  an apt replacement you can say.It contains a good quantity of vitamin C and potassium.It has an antioxidant quality .It is quite cheap.

If you want release your tireness you must have suck the extracted juice from orange.It will certainly abolish the fatigue in you.It contains potassium in rich quantity.It contains water in large prt of it .So you must be hydrated quickly that is the most important in summer.

There are sufficient vitamin C ,Vitamin E and beta-carotene which increases the immunity efficiency in a human body.Besides in hot summer  it keeps the digestion system cool and healthy.Papaya help assimilate foot easily.It  help digest protein foot specially.The enzyme like papain help analyze protein food in our digestive system and break protein and pacify the lower inflamation in our body.

The  nutrients  like vitamin C, vitamin B1, manganeze,copper are found in pineapple.Bromelain help prevent inflammation in summer.There are rich vitamins in a pineapple.It contains manganese in an enough

Fig :-

A seasonal fruit.It contains rich fiber in rich quantity.It is a good source of potassium,calcium and iron.It contains vitamin B in plenty.

Star Fruit:-
It has plenty of vitaminC.To fight against cardiovascular inflammation you must have to take star fruit because it is rich in  polyphenols, antioxidants . It has vitamin A that creates a smoothy skin.It is high in fiber.It contains potassium.
High in potassium,manganeze,fiber and vitamin C ,blueberry is a mix nutrient that prevents a multi-faced disease from heart disease to cancer.It is an easy-getting fruit in Asia for a couple of rupees.Manganeze aids to raise the use of  thiamine and ascorbic acid in the body. It helps raise a healthy thyroid gland.

Cucumber :-
Cucumber is a summer fruit that is taken in summer to hydrate oneself .

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