Protect yourself from scorchig heat of Summer


Clothes or Dressings :-        Wearing comfortable clothes made mainly of cotton will certainly make you tolerate the scorching heat in Summer.The colour of the dress must be light.White is the best as we know
white colour reflects heat or temperature.It does not absorb heat from firing sunshine in Summer.Don't take wool, polyester or this type of material in your dresses. 

  Water :-    Drink,drink and drink.What you should do in a scorching summer is to drink plenty of fresh water .If you take filtered water again and again in this summer you will not be dehydrated at any time in the summer season.It will be very difficult to be rehydrate after being dehydrated.So it will be better to have enough water in you to fight against dehydration.

   Food :- It is recommended to eat light but nutritious food. The food should not be fatty .It must be easily edible during the summer.To be sound in health in summer you must take sound ,sufficient,edible ,nutritious food.Your digestion system needs rest and proper management during this season.


Fruits : - Eat plenty of seasonal fruits like mango,watermelon,litchi etc or if not available drink fruit juice in the shops.Fruits like mango,watermelon etc grow during this season because these can fight against scorching summer to survive .Nature makes these naturally.These have something special against summer.

    Sleep :- Sound sleep means sound health.It is very difficult to have a sound sleep in summer.But we have to sleep at least for 5 hours(from 13 years to 60years) daily.


Hat & Sunglasses :- Hat and sunglasses are useful protection materials against burning heat in summer.When you are in roofless,shadeless place you should wear hat and sunscreen .If you are on the road ,when you are going out under the sun you must wear these two things.Cap or hat must be light coloured.

    Avoid bare 12 to 5 :- Try not to be out in the  sun-time meaning the time during 12 noon to 5pm .These hours are really challenging hours .Avoid this hours from the visit with the sun.But if you have to go away from house ,take rest in the shades or under the treas when you are walking along for a long time in the sun.

   Close and Open windows & doors :- Shut the doors,windows of your house as much as possible from 12 noon to 7pm.Then open these in the evening.If it is done ,temperature can  not enter into your house and can not increase the temperature of the inner atmosphere. Thus with the setting sun the temperature will falls around the house and the inner temperature will be cool.

  Park or Riverbank :- Spend the spare time in the afternoon walking in the park or sitting on the sands of the river.Because the in the park there will be enough fresh air mixed with sufficient oxygen which will refresh you and make you energetic again.The sands on the river must be cool as we know in the temperature of a desert.Besides flow of water will also enlighten you.

  Swim :- Swim is a good,seasonal exercise of summer .Have a time in the stream,enjoy the water and cool down your body.

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