Bankura,Rabindrasarani,eye centre

A well known eye specialist Dr Anup Kumar Mondal has been practicing here for years at Rabindra Sarani  at Bankura situated just beside Seva Niketan Nursing Home.Visiting hours have been written below but for confirmation contact with the following mobile number as sometime for unavoidable circumstances he changes visiting hours.

Just Beside Seva Niketan
Contact No :- 9433223304

Dr Anup Kumar Mandal(MBBS,MS)

Micro-Surgery and Oculoplasti
Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital

Friday from 3p.m.
Saturday from 4p.m.
Sunday from 8.30a.m.

Direction:- It is better to get down at Tamlibandh Bus-Stand and go back awhile at least for 7 minutes.Seva Niketan is just to its left side. No worry as it is  at road side.


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