Bankura,Patpur,Bankura Seva Niketan

Seva Niketan is a reputed Nursing Home at Patpur beside mainroad at Bankura serving the patients of Bankura for years.There are some renowned doctors from cardiology, gynocology, nephrology, hepatology, oncology, ent,neurrology etc departments.

        Patpur(Jailroad),Bankura ,722101

Ph No = 03242250123,03242242511,7797701790

1. ,Hepatologist,Interventional Endoscopic
Dr S B Das Chakraborty(MD,DM-Gastro)

2.     2.  Nephrologist
Dr Biplab Ghosh(MD,DM-Nephro)

3 Cardiologist
  Dr Lipika Adhikar(MD,DM-Cardio)
Every Wednesday
DR Dipankar Mukherjee(MD,DM)

Dr D J Santra(MD)

Dr Shambhunath Nandi(MBBS,DGO)

Dr R K Sahana(MD)


Dr Samar Biswas(MD,DM-Neuro)

Dr D J Moulik(MS)

7. ENT
Dr S K Das(MS)

8. Orthopedics
 Dr Dibakar Roy(MS)

Dr M K Roy(MS)

Dr Bisan Bosu(MD)

Direction:- From Tamlibandh Bus Stand it is 7 minutes path.Go bach after descending from bus and walk carefully .


  1. Appointments for Dr sunil baran dad chakborty gastroenteritis Fri day. Please appointments emergency patient.

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