Bankura,College Road,Opposite Zilla School, Pharma Clinic

Pharma Clinic is a multi clinical chamber for patients with a cluster of qualified doctors like Medicine Specialist Dr Kapiljit Chakraborty (MBBS,MD(Derma)),Neuro Specialist Dr Sapan Sinha(DM-Neuro,DNB-Neuro,) Skin,Sex and Leprosy specialist Dr P K Dutta(MBBS,MD-Derma),Chest Specialist
Dr Jaydip Deb(MBBS,MD), Pulmonologist Dr Aparup Dhuya(MBBS,MD-Chest ,.ENT and Sinus
specialist Dr A K Burma(MBBS-Cal,MS-KGMC)Paediatrics and Neunatologist Dr Suvendu De(MBBS,MD),Gynocology Dr B. Mahapatra(MBBS,MS-DGO) ,Heart and General Medicine
Dr Satrajit Ray(MBBS,DNB),Arthritis and Reumatologist Dr S N Sandhaki(MBBS,MCCW)
at College Road ,Opposite to Zila School at Bankura .Mobile numbers are 9475558711 ,8926146721.

Pharma Clinic
College Road ,Opposite to Zila School
1. Medicine Specialist
   Dr Kapiljit Chakraborty (MBBS,MD(Derma))
Assistant Professor -BSMCH
Thursday - 3pm

2. Neuro Specialist
    Dr Sapan Sinha(DM-Neuro,DNB-Neuro,)
Ex Head of Neurology Unit
Apallo,Manipal Hospital

1st and 3rd Tuesday from 11am.

3. Skin,Sex and Leprosy
Dr P K Dutta(MBBS,MD-Derma)
Tuesday from 4.30pm
Wednesday and Thursday from 7am to 9am

4. Chest Specialist
 Dr Jaydip Deb(MBBS,MD)
5pm to 9pm

Dr Aparup Dhuya(MBBS,MD-Chest ,Consultant Pulmonologist
Monday from 6pm
Thursday from 8am

5.ENT and Sinus
Dr A K Burma(MBBS-Cal,MS-KGMC)
Ast Prf -BSMCH
Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm

6. Paediatrics and Neunatologist
Dr Suvendu De(MBBS,MD)
Monday and Thursday from 1.30pm

 Dr B. Mahapatra(MBBS,MS-DGO)
Friday from 6pm
Saturday from 7am to 9am

8. Heart and General Medicine
Dr Satrajit Ray(MBBS,DNB)
Saturday from 6pm
Sunday from 8am

9.Arthritis and Reumatologist
Dr S N Sandhaki(MBBS,MCCW)
Thursday from 11.30am


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